장유식 (Zang Youshick)

  • Walt Disney's "Gagoil" OVA Director
  • Director of the "Mask" of Warner Bros.
  • Directed by Nickelodeon 'Chalk Zone' (Rudy's Magic Chalk), directed by Cartoon Network 'Ed Ed and Eddy' (Pilot) directed by 2021 'Spirit Illusion', 'Collapse', 'I Level Up' (Pilot) directed by Film.
  • 2019 "Sora's Wings" Production Director
  • 2018 "Baki," "Merc Storyia: The Force Boy and The Girl in the Bottle,"
  • 2006 One Piece- Mecha's name (theater version)
  • 2004 "Hammer" Character Design, Director of Part B

박인호 (Park In-Ho)

  • CEO of Innovation DNC(혁신디앤씨)
  • Executive Director of HyunsungENG(현성이엔지)
  • Executive Director of BigTree
  • Creature Hunters CMO

이창수 (Lee Chang-Soo)

  • Blockchain introductory lectures such as Seoul National University Graduate School of Health, Dankook University Graduate School of Construction, and Seoul City Hall Construction Safety Headquarters
  • Review and Evaluation of Multi-Cypertum Project at Seoul National University Center for Engineering Education Innovation
  • Doctor of Engineering, Computer Application and Technology, 2016 Seoul Graduate School of Venture
  • 2004 President of Technology, Micro Tunneling, Robot 2001 President of Cyber Electronic Guarantee, Internet Shopping Mall
  • 1995 Senior Researcher at Samsung Engineering & Construction Research Institute
  • 1992 Seoul National University Researcher

모기 히토시 (Mogi Hitoshi)

  • 2019 Web Animation "Dinosaur Girl Kauko" Production
  • 2015 'Dualmaster VSR' Animated Producer
  • 2013-2014 'Linetown' Animated Producer
  • 2012 "One Piece Episode of Loopy~Hand Island Adventure" Production Management
  • Producer of 2011 'Kizuna Ichigeki'
  • 2010 "Colorful" producer
  • Senior producer of Crayon Shinzzang from 1992 to 2008
  • Doraemon: The Great Doraemon: The Arara Boys' Band! producer.

양덕찬 (Yang Deuk-Chan)

  • 2019~ Cryptoss Project Chief Advisor
  • Senior Management Committee member of Blockchain Ecosystem Cryptoss 2014~ Representative of Microtech Sales
  • 2018~ Sookmyung Women's University and Ajou University advisor
  • 2002~ Vice President of the MSS Education Center

이시현 (Demian Lee)

  • CMO of Hop Project (합프로젝트)

조범진 (Cho Bum-Jin)

  • 2019-2020 'Magic Cheonjalun' OTT Series Animation Development (Book 21) Planning Advisory, Supervisor
  • 2017~ Developing a full-length animation called 'Palmong'
  • Planning and directing the 2016 full-length animation "Locky the Bullfighter"
  • 2014-2015 Feature Animation 'Bremen Band' Pre-Production Supervisor
  • Winning Best Animations at the 40th Cynth Film Festival
  • 11th Seoul International Animation Festival Award for Best Feature Grand Prix
  • Winning the Best Animated Feature at the 11th Fantasy Film Festival

김민조 (Kim Min-Jo)

  • 1996 KBS Broadcasting Academy Drama Writer Course Completed
  • 1996-1997 Staff of the Korea Education Information Network Planning Office
  • 1998-1999 Animation Journalist Monthly 'Canny(케니)'
  • 2000–2006.12 Director of the Planning Office of Character Plan, an animation production company 
  • 2011–2012.2 EBS FM <Poem Concert> (Sunday Broadcast) Writer
  • 2012.3–2012.8 EBS FM <Book Cafe> (Monday–Friday at 8 p.m.) Writer
  • 2007.1~ Freelance PD, Writer

김지영 (Kim Ji-Young)

  • 2019 'The Ugly Love (천박한 사랑)' Screenplay
  • 2017 'We Can Shine(위캔샤인)' Screenplay
  • 2016 'Two Detectives (두 형사)' Screenplay
  • 2012 'The Host 2 (괴물 2)' adaptation

김다인 (Kim Da-In)
Character Design

  • 2018 Gulwon(굴원)s' original picture composition / 'Forest of Piano' original picture composition
  • 2016 'Visual Shower' 'Q3' Season 1 General Director / 'DM' original picture composition
  • 2015 'Turning Mecard(터닝메카드)' original picture composition, and layout.
  • 2014 'Top Plate' Season 2 original picture composition
  • 2012~2013 'Masnarex(마스나렉스)' layout, and original picture composition
  • 2011 Black Dynamai(블랙 다이나마이) original picture 

서민건 (Seo Min-Gun)

  • ESD Game development team
  • Cybergate online business development team
  • Webpattern Technology game development team
  • Easymode art team
  • Wingames art team
  • Mcocoa UI design
  • IamI cryptocurrency game 'hyperdragon' UI design